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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

That's Right, Bitch

It's about damn time!

A jury returns a unanimous decision to sentence Nicole Diar to death. She is convicted of killing her 4-year-old son.

NewsChannel5 reported a Lorain County jury found her guilty of killing her son and then setting her house on fire to hide the crime.

Officials said she drugged Jacob with codeine, then strangled him as he slept in his bedroom in August 2003.

The jury found Diar guilty on all 10 charges against her, including aggravated murder, aggravated arson and tampering with evidence.

Of course, she says she's innocent. Because people are always sneaking in to houses, drugging and strangling kids, then burning the house down to cover it up? Sure. I heard on the news that first, she "had evidence" that proved she didn't do it and wanted a new trial. That was right after she was found guilty. The judge denied her ass for a new trial. Smart judge. Then when it came to the sentencing part of her trial, her lawyer was claiming that she shouldn't get the death penalty because she can be reformed. Reformed? Well, if she's innocent, no she can't. She didn't do anything, remember? But since she's obviously guilty as hell, I think she's only getting what she deserves. Maybe she can be reformed, but her little boy can't. Because she murdered him.

What the hell is wrong with people? If you don't want you kids, fine. That's all you. Talk to someone about it. Maybe a therapist or a relative or a friend or anybody! But to decide that the best way to get out of motherhood is to take the little life of a child.... a child who trusts you!? That's what gets me the most. HOW how how how could anyone do that? To their own child?

Just this morning, I saw (on the news) a man was arrested for putting his son in a cage and scalding him. The little boy died of complications in the hospital. The "father" has been arrested for abusing this child before! He's also "innocent". Of course he is. They all are.

I'm feeling sick.

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